Diabetik. Elegant diabetes management at your fingertips.

I worked together with Nial Giacomelli on creating a delightful user experience for people who suffer from diabetes. The result is an app that's modern, intuitive and fun to use.

  • Branding
  • User interface design
  • Iconography
  • Web design
iPhone and iPad side by side
Side menu close-up on iPhone
Journal close-up on iPad

“Can good design help save lives?”. This is how Nial’s post on Dribbble was titled. After watching the introduction video on Kickstarter, I immediately started working on exploring some ideas.

Diabetik has been built to make managing all aspects of diabetes easier. From the ability to monitor medication habits to setting location based reminders to make sure you never forget your insulin. By using an innovative new technology called Smart Input, the application we’ve built looks at your medication usage and uses that information to determine which medicine you’re mostly likely to be taking at any given point in time. By learning your habits, it’s able to pre-populate fields that other applications make you type out by hand or select from menus - cutting the time needed to enter information from minutes to seconds.

It lets you monitor every aspect of your health, from tracking carbs and watching your diet to physical activities. It can even remind you to take your medication when you next leave the house.

As a result, Diabetik is loved by thousands of people and has been featured in the App Store.

Side menu on iPhone

Having a side menu means the user can access important views of the app at any time.

Side menu on iPad

The app has an elegant and clean look, even on iPad.

Add entry on iPhone

Adding entries is an essential part of Diabetik. With fields that are pre-filled based on the time of day and type of entry, we make sure adding entries is as convenient as possible.

Journal on iPad

With the bigger screen of iPad, we give the user a nice visual breakdown in a calender-like format.

Timeline on iPad

The user can view multiple days at a time.

Add entry on iPad

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