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Nintendo Switch is a fascinating solution to play remotely; unfortunately the mobile app is lacking.

  • User interface design
  • Iconography
Nintendo Switch Companion

I bought my Nintendo Switch in March 2017. From the get-go I was sold on the idea of bringing the world of Hyrule and many others with me. Like most gaming consoles, Nintendo made a mobile app for people to look at their play time and more; unfortunately, the app is lacking both in features and design.

This is a self-initiated project to explore how an improved version of this app would work and look like. To me, branding is very important and this is shown throughout the app. Nintendo’s signature red color for the main sections of the app and the “eShop orange” for the eShop. The user can look at the battery life of their Switch, see who’s online, add a friend and browse newly released games on the Nintendo eShop.

Overview and My Nintendo
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