Realo. Building a next generation real estate platform.

Joining this startup as the first designer on the team, my job was to create a design system flexible enough to be used on a variety of platforms.

  • Branding
  • User interface design
  • Iconography
  • Web design
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Agency close-up on iPhone
Realo branding

I joined Realo in the winter of 2014. As the only designer on the team, my job was to create a design system flexible enough to be used on a variety of platforms. This was a project with lots of challenges and pitfalls because of the sheer amount of screens and scenarios a user can find themselves in. Together with Bregt Colpaert, my Head of Product, I created a design that’s universal in terms of design language while at the same time has a unique style.

Realo has been built with a mobile-first approach from the start. By using this approach, we make sure the site loads fast on mobile devices while still providing a complete package in terms of feature set. Nearly every feature on desktop is available on a smartphone, thanks to some clever design decisions. I worked very closely with our engineering (frontend and backend) teams to make sure the design is consistent and implemented well.

Over the course of almost a year, I learned a lot on how to work effectively in a multilingual team. Since I had a tight deadline every week, I had to manage my time and stay focused.

Find your next home

The user is welcomed by an inviting homepage where he/she can search for a home.

Find your next home - scrolled

Scrolled version of the homepage.

Agency detail

The agency page gives the user a complete overview of their listings, employees and reviews.

Agency detail - scrolled

At the bottom of the agency page, the user can submit a review if they have worked with this agency before.

Responsive search

Realo was built from the ground up using a 'mobile-first' approach.

Responsive search duo

Realo is a first-class citizen on every screen size.

Search, home detail and agency mobile views

Clear typography and attractive iconography makes the mobile pages even more pleasant to use.

Job listings

Internal company pages each have a distinct look supplemented with colorful icons.

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I'm currently looking for a position at a small to medium-sized company where I can help solve complex problems, architect flexible design systems and design interfaces. I'm also available for freelance work.

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